There is a 3 month warranty on our waist trainers and a 6 month warrant on our sweatbands. How long our items will last differ from person to person and greatly depend on usage and care. 
Our waist trainers typically last 10 months to 1.5 year with every other day use and sweatbands should be able to withstand continued daily use for over 1+ year 

If your waist trainer or sweatband breaks within the 3 to 6 months months of delivery including but not limited to broken clasps, boning snapped or poking out, zipper broken, stitching coming undone due to normal wear and tear please email us with photos of the issue, and we will assist you. Items will be inspected to determine if viable for warranty.

We do not offer a warranty on our clothing or other equipment. Only if your item arrives broken will we replace it.