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KWhite Sweatband

KWhite Sweatband

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This sweatband is perfectly designed to snatch and contour your waist during your workouts. We don't advise waist training while working out, so we bring you the ideal solution for crafting your midriff through any workout !  We offer it in a neoprene material for those with allergens or latex for those that want the maximum effect 

Made with a premium Ykk zipper, 9 flexible steel bones, longer front and shorter back for more comfortable fit, no annoying logos, and double compression, you wont want to leave this behind on your gym days. Throughout our 30 day test of these products, we've found our latex to start increased perspiration within 10 minutes and the neoprene within 20 minutes

- helps reduce water weight & bloating 

- improves posture 

- shapes and contours your waist 

- better solution for those who don't like waist training 

- doesn't dig into back 

What's The Difference Between Neoprene & Latex ?

Neoprene is a more breathable airy fabric than latex. We offer this option for those that are allergic to latex but still want to be able to use a sweatband. Latex is better at promoting presperation and offers greater results than neoprene so we do suggest opting for latex if you don't have that allergen. We've found the latex option to increase prespiration 2x more than the neoprene option. Effects from wearing the latex start around 10 minutes into workouts while neoprene will begin around 20 minutes as it's a more breathable fabric.

Why Is Latex More Expensive ?

Latex is a thicker and heavier material than neoprene. Ideally this is the best material to use when making sweatbands as it's able to trap and seal in heat best. Our product is grade A quality with superior stitching and compression. Latex is more expensive to produce than neoprene, which is why there is a price difference. Our latex option weighs around 1 pound while the neoprene is about 10 ounces. Both products have been tested over several months to ensure they last and continue to provide maximum results. No expense was spared when making these to guarantee this is a product you'll only need to purchase once.

How Do I Use It ?

- wear when you want to increase prespiration during workouts or any time

- safe to wear at any time

- remove when eating and place back on if you'd like 30 minutes after eating

Allergic To Latex ?

Neoprene is a safe latex alternative for those with Type IV skin allergies so no worries ! Our neoprene option is safe for you.


Neoprene with Nylon lining / Or 100% latex

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Care Instructions

hand wash with hot water and leave to air dry in direct sunlight immediatly after

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